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I'm Dylan Sherry, a Japanese-American indie-rock artist and Los Angeles native. 

2019 was a productive year, self-recording and releasing my debut album Western Sky and playing dozens of shows around Los Angeles, including a record release show at the Hotel Cafe. Stars, the lead single, was co-written with Misty Boyce of Lord Huron.

2020 brought a new chapter in more ways than one, signing with L.A. Tangerine and becoming the first artist on their roster with the releases of Run / Five Horsemen and Stars (ft. The Green Flamingos).

In 2021, singles This Too Won't Last and Flying Colours debuted on KCSN, L.A.'s leading radio station for independent music.

Some of my strongest influences are classic country, indie, and oldies. This blend was shown on full display throughout my EP Ur Love, released in 2022 on Soundbreaker Records. 

Most recently, I collaborated with Michaela Rabina of local standout band Siam Jem on a cover of Sometimes Always by The Jesus and Mary Chain. 


"Dylan Sherry has gifted us with a new single, “Sometimes Always.” This soulful and warm track, featuring a collaboration with Siam Jem, offers a blissful and joyful listening experience. The harmonious blend of Dylan and the vocalist from Siam Jem- Michaela Rabina’s vocals throughout the song contributes to its uplifting atmosphere." - Sinusoidal Music

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"California based artist Dylan Sherry collaborated with Siam Jem in December to create a double-sided cover single 'Sometimes Always/Come On', in appreciation to the original tracks from shoegaze band The Jesus and Mary Chain. Following on from the 1994 release from the band, Dylan and Michaela (Siam Jem) add a charming modern twist on the alt-rock classics from their idols, their yearning vocal delivery and raw arrangements staying true to the rough-around-the-edges mid-nineties feel. Paired with face-melting guitar solos and a chugging feel-good percussion, this fresh perspective would soundtrack a coming-of-age film perfectly, complete with smudged eyeliner, ripped jeans and sand-filled sneakers, whilst the homage to the original tracks aims to introduce a new generation of listeners to the extensive discography of The Jesus and Mary Chain backlog. After the artist's previous release with 'Healing', Dylan Sherry opens up his sonic world even more with these two covers, drawing on influence to give a respectful nod to the trailblazers who came before him, hoping to follow closely on in their footsteps. (Released on 1st December 2023)."

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Shoutout LA Feature

"I’d want people to know that my music comes from an honest place and that it’s the truest way I could possibly express myself. I put my material out without a guarantee that anyone will listen to it, I don’t have a major record deal or connections that I was gifted. Everything I’ve gained professionally thus far has been from putting myself out there and doing my best to network and promote. Music is what I pour my soul into, and I hope that’s communicated through the material. It hasn’t been easy, I still have to accept rejection and things not going how I had hoped in my head, but what I’ve learned and experienced pushes me forward to create more and share it with the world."

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